Coaster Addict – Creating a Dark Ride

Today I thought I’d show a gallery of my latest dark ride I’ve been working on in Planet Coaster (one of the best games out there).

The concept for this particular dark ride started all the way back in alpha for me, with the idea of a simple volcano coaster (pictured below).

2016-10-17 (11).png

Eventually, much like a real theme park, I abandoned this idea, and moved on to something new. Rather than just a volcano coaster, I wanted to do something that started underwater, and ended with a race through the mountain (because why not?). This led me to a ride beginning with a quick ride through of the Aquatic Institute, situated on the side of an active volcano…


Riders then enter the ‘dive room’, leading them to behold the wonders and terrors of the coral reef beneath the mountain (because science)

2017-06-13 (6).pngDB49TpYUIAA30dv.jpg2017-06-13 (8).png2017-06-13 (10).png

After the reef, riders find themselves at the base of the active volcano, deep underwater, and after a brief respite on the sea floor, are shot back to the surface.

DB49TpUUAAES1fQ.jpg2017-06-13 (13).png

It is here that they engage on a high speed race through the lava-filled caverns just above the aquatic institute!

2017-06-13 (3).png2017-06-13 (1).png

That’s all I’ve got so far, nearly done. Need to finish off the caverns and the queue. I leave you with an image of the ride in its current state:

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