Love, Rehab, and Mutant Turtles – Chapter 6

Even with his breath held, Nick imagined that he could smell the sickly stench. His lungs burned with the exertion of staying on top of the thick currents below, but he waited to surface. Once he did, he was going to have to make a quick exit from the water or face mortal peril on a variety of different fronts.

Love, Rehab, and Mutant Turtles – Chapter 5

“Got something you want to share with the class?” Nick shifted, feeling rusty chains burning into his wrists. “Oh, come on, I’m not Houdini. Is all this really necessary?” Strictly, it was necessary. Nick knew more than a hundred ways to break out of bondage, both professional and otherwise.

Love, Rehab, and Mutant Turtles – Chapter 1

Table of Contents Chapter 1- You are here! Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 1. Hello, My Name Is Nick looked out at a sea of grizzled faces staring back at him from atop plastic bucket seats. He didn’t recognize anyone in particular, but he knew the type. Most had some … Continue reading Love, Rehab, and Mutant Turtles – Chapter 1