Cryptids Decrypted – Vengeful Spirits

Episode available for free on all platforms, find yours here: This week on Cryptids Decrypted, we talked about two of my favorite spectral myths, La Llorona and La Madremonte. Both of these myths serve as cautionary tales in their own right but inhabit different regions of Central/South America. Below, you can find some supplemental … Continue reading Cryptids Decrypted – Vengeful Spirits

The Lake

This is a story I wrote in 2016, but I've gone through and re-written it to match my current style better and fix several gratuitous grammatical errors. It takes place before A Man of the Mountain, Whiteout and Downpour (a book series) and serves as a good introduction to Nick Ventner, my favorite drunken monster … Continue reading The Lake

The Loveland Frogman – A History of the Mystery

Cryptids Decrypted is back with a brand new episode, and we're talking about the legend of the Loveland Frogman. Unfamiliar? It might be because this myth has a very focused region of Loveland Ohio, or the fact that sightings have been few and far between. Originally spotted back in 1955, first encounters with this bipedal, … Continue reading The Loveland Frogman – A History of the Mystery

Inter-Dimensional Lake Monsters Among Us?!

Well, if that googly-eyed, odd, pipe of a fish isn't enough to convince you that monsters exist in the deep, maybe my second interview with David George Gordon will! David is an expert in all things cryptid and nature. He's written several field guides on more traditional flora and fauna, but is especially renowned for … Continue reading Inter-Dimensional Lake Monsters Among Us?!