The Lake

This is a story I wrote in 2016, but I’ve gone through and re-written it to match my current style better and fix several gratuitous grammatical errors. It takes place before A Man of the Mountain, Whiteout and Downpour (a book series) and serves as a good introduction to Nick Ventner, my favorite drunken monster […]

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My Dog, Louie – Pt 1

Last week was a weird week, and I decided to start drawing a web comic about it. If you like it, let me know! Maybe I’ll make more. If not, let me know, and I might still make more.

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The Snails Are on the Move

Look, I wrote a story about killer snails, but people seem to like it, maybe you will too.

“Wonderfully visceral piece of story-telling.” – ABC Tales User

“How wonderfully horrifying!” – A Reddit User

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Hangin’ Around – 6

Herb Withers watched in horror as Jeremiah raised his hitherto unused pistol. The barrel was pointed right at Herb’s chest, and before there was any chance to react, a deafening thunderclap rocked him backward.

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Hangin’ Around – 5

Fall came, quickly followed by winter, and the hangings slowed, so they had plenty of time to practice, and even more for Maggie to be frustrated at the lack of progress.

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Hangin’ Around – 4

All Maggie wanted to do was ask Adam about the possession, but a bet was a bet.

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Hangin’ Around – 3

The following month was hot, the sun’s scorching rays beating down on the packed earth and sending waves through the otherwise clear air.

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Hangin’ Around – 2

It took the better part of the afternoon for Adam to stop asking repetitive questions. Otis sat patiently through three hundred ‘why’s and ‘where’s before finally losing his cool and telling the man to suck it up.

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Hangin’ Around – 1

“It’s all in the feet. See? See how much he’s kicking? Can’t conserve a breath like that, no sir.” Maggie looked up at the man swinging from the high branch of Hangman’s Tree. She felt a twinge of sympathy, but mostly anticipation. A pocket watch ticked slowly in her hand.

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