Does This Sell Books? – GoodReads Giveaway

Try these ten tips to suddenly sell a million copies and earn your parents' respect! I have read a hundred posts telling me to build a mailing list, grow my brand, or ‘just find reviewers’ to get book sales and start that golden path toward becoming Stephen King. By day, I’m a data scientist, and … Continue reading Does This Sell Books? – GoodReads Giveaway

Whiteout Pre-Orders are Live

Hey Everyone, The time has come! Whiteout is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! Release is only about a month away (May 1st), and I am so excited to share the final product with you. If you're a fan, or a friend, or just want to help, please share our pre-order link around. A lot … Continue reading Whiteout Pre-Orders are Live