A Man of the Mountain – Shirley

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been recovering from a concussion! Long story short, I hit my head trying to get my cats out of the building during a small fire, but back on track now!

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3. Shirley

From behind her battered, coffee-stained desk, Shirley more closely resembled a librarian than a journalist. Stacks of books littered her desk, their titles ranging from “My Encounter with the Wild Man of the Forest” to “Big Head, Big Hands, Bigfoot.” Between these stacks of ‘literature’ were equally tall piles of hand-scrawled notes. It was a stark comparison to the other offices at the Local Eye, most of which were filled with photos of local ‘celebrities’ caught in risqué positions and forged headlines about the second coming.

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A Man of the Mountain – The News

I love working on this story. Something about the blend of almost horror and then outright comedy is intriguing. Also, for those who haven’t seen yet, pre-orders for Whiteout, my first novel are now live on Amazon and other digital retailers. Please share the links below to help us spread the word. Every share, like, and tweet helps!

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2. The News

Jonas returned, limbs frozen, mind awash with images of the hiker bloodied in the snow. He felt a strange mix of pride and darkness at the memory. The guilt and shame he had felt before were no longer present. The hiker had died, but that was just business. Any darkness he felt was washed away by the site of an unmarked brown paper package on his doorstep.

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Whiteout Pre-Orders are Live

Hey Everyone,

The time has come! Whiteout is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! Release is only about a month away (May 1st), and I am so excited to share the final product with you. If you’re a fan, or a friend, or just want to help, please share our pre-order link around. A lot of our marketing for this book is going to be word of mouth, so every share is important! These shares are going to help make the book more searchable across platforms and help make us more noticeable. Easiest way to find it right now is by searching ‘Whiteout Ashton Macaulay’ or ‘Whiteout Aberrant Literature’, or by following one of the links above.


This is not a drill, this is real!!!

For those who prefer other sites to Amazon, we are getting those pages up and running as well. As of now we are up on Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

Now, for those of you who backed our GoFundMe campaign, the first wave of merch just came in (as evidenced by this poorly-shot mirror selfie, apologies, my cats can’t hold a camera). Once I get all the paperback copies, I’ll frenziedly sign them all and then get to shipping!20180330_074641

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen, cannot wait to share Whiteout with you all on May 1st!



A Man of the Mountain – Prologue

A few of you might recognize this story. I’ve posted it once before, but I’ve decided to do a full rewrite and round of polish. A Man of the Mountain is one of my favorite short stories I’ve worked on, and I’m excited to be back at it again. While this is a Nick Ventner tale, he’s not the primary focus. This story takes a darker look at legends and the lengths people are willing to go to maintain them. Enjoy!

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The Stakes – Part 2

Below is part 2 of The Stakes, a short Nick Ventner tale that will conclude with Part 3 in a week or so. If you like what you read, be sure to share it around!

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Part 2 – Midnight

David and I exchanged ‘pleasantries’ through the barricaded door for hours. Every time one of us was about to give ground, our resolve would stiffen and we’d be right back at the start again. I should have known it would go nowhere, vampires love to talk. When you think about it, they’ve got all the time in the world, so long as some stake-happy hunter doesn’t get any bright ideas. For the most part, the days of hunting vampires for the sake of it were over, so long as certain lines weren’t crossed. Luckily, any sort of tribunal would have a hard time pegging David as benevolent…

I was starting to feel that while tired there was a possibility I was going to be able to hold the door through the night, even if only by distraction. David’s pet hadn’t made much progress, and it didn’t take much more effort than leaning.  It wasn’t going to be pleasant, but I wasn’t going to die either. That’s usually the space I operate in. I was content with the situation, until a shrill howl cut through the door like it wasn’t even there.

“Well Mr. Ventner, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you, but that sound means I’m going to need to step away for a bit. You know what they say about werewolves and full moons.” There was a pause as he chuckled to himself. “Have a nice evening.”  Just like that, negotiations ended, and we moved on to the next logical step, war.

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