Whiteout, my first novel is now available  in Kindle, Paperback and Hardback formats on Amazon and IndieBound! Reviews have been excellent so far with the book currently holding a 4.75/5 on GoodReads and a 4.8/5 on Amazon. Whiteout also received a positive review from Kirkus. The sequel is due out sometime in 2020!


On March 2nd, 2020, my first novella, A Man of the Mountain was released in paperback, e-book, and audiobook! It’s a prequel to Whiteout and tells the strange story of a man dedicated to maintaining the Bigfoot legend at all costs, and the intrepid tabloid reporter who sets out with real monster hunters to stop him. It’s also available right now as a free, episodic audio drama on all streaming platforms!

Finally, my short story, Future Solutions, was also published in Aberrant Tales (2018). Walking a more traditional science fiction path, Future Solutions is heavily inspired by black mirror, and follows Dom as he experiences the consequences of peaking into his own future.