The Library

Here you will find all manner of content, most of it free! All I ask, is that if you enjoy a particular story, please share it and help more people find out about my work. Just click the images below to read the stories. Cheers!


The Nick Ventner Tales

Nick Ventner has been in the monster hunting business for some time. These tales serve as interludes or prequels between Nick’s many adventures in full-length novels. All are free to read!

Why would you bring chocolate to a lake monster fight? Let’s find out!
Yes, monster hunters need to detox too.
What happens when wendigos take residence in a small suburban town during the holidays?

Westerns, Ghosts, and Science Fiction

A wonderful mix of short stories, longer form tales, and asides about killer snails awaits! As with the stories above, all are free to read, and some offer PDFs or Mobi files if they are extra long.

Yes, it’s a story about crab politics
The story of a couple of ghosts plotting revenge in the old west
What happens when you choose the wrong wilderness guide through an ancient land?

I don’t know, it’s about killer snails, I guess

Published Novels

Now, these ones you have to pay for, but they are excellent. Nick Ventner’s adventures will take you all over the world from exotic locales to dingy dive bars. You can purchase them wherever books are sold.