Cryptids Decrypted

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Cryptids Decrypted is a podcast that takes deep dives into the research surrounding creatures from the fringe of reality and the people dedicated to studying them. The host, Ashton Macaulay, an author and specialist in fictionalized myth aims to discuss cryptids with everyone from skeptics to true believers with a goal of understand more about what makes these creatures from the fringe of reality so fascinating.

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We recently hit 10,000 listens! So thanks to everyone for your support. In celebration, we’ve got a brand new logo from my good friend Billy W. and new merch to go along with it! I’ve got some samples of the merch below, but you can find the full shop on Redbubble here.

If you’re still reading this, consider checking out Ashton’s new shop for signed books and locally-sourced e-books, all available for direct purchase!