Diablo 3 – Rise of the Necromancer


I’ve been playing the Necromancer for about 3ish hours, and I’m already in love. One fo my favorite classes from Diablo 2 has finally made a return, and it’s by far the goriest, corpsiest, necromanciest (these are all words) class in the game to date. Aside from my massive, glowing bone shield (pictured above), everything about the necromancer is gorgeous, and well worth the $15 price tag.

If you’re new to Diablo 3, now is a perfect time to jump in. The game is miles better than it was at launch, and the visuals, while aging slightly over their five year tenure, still look fantastic.

For my full impressions, check out my review on Gizorama!

Coaster Addict – Log Flume

First, before I get into the construction of my park’s newest ride, I wanted to provide an update on the ride I constructed for my last blog, The Marine Institute Expedition. I have finished the ride! Below is a screenshot, and the video can be found here.


But now, welcome to the Crystal Caverns Expedition!

Players begin by taking a slow boat ride into the Crystal Caverns mine, where they can see various geometric shapes… I mean jewels! I do plan on updating these with some custom shapes later, but for now, they look alright.



One of the key aspects to the Crystal Caverns ride is that it intersects with the park’s train system.  In the Crystal Mine area is where riders first see the train (if they’re lucky).



After a brief ride through the lovely Crystal Mine, guests take a wrong turn and end up going down a waterfall.


At the bottom they are brought into a forest (built in a show building behind the mountain). Here they encounter a few bandits napping.


That is until they enter the canyon just beyond the forest, where they find themselves in the middle of a shootout.


The train can see the canyon fight as it passes through the mountain, but it is blocked by the canyon walls for riders of the flume.


After escaping the canyon battle, riders enter the processing center for all those gems we saw earlier!



Things are very calm, just some cowboys going about their daily work, until riders enter a room full of explosives where the two remaining survivors of the canyon battle are  shooting wildly. 13

Plenty of explosions later riders board a lift hill (that will have more water effects later).


There is a section that has yet to be themed following this, but, before the final drop, riders get a pretty awesome view of the park. That wooden behemoth is the Main Street Coaster, and in red behind it is the Marine Institute Adventure (construction detailed here).


Still work to be done, but I’m really enjoying making this one! Like my galleries? Want updates on when new posts are published? Want to feed my ego? Subscribe and share below!

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Coaster Addict – Creating a Dark Ride

Today I thought I’d show a gallery of my latest dark ride I’ve been working on in Planet Coaster (one of the best games out there).

The concept for this particular dark ride started all the way back in alpha for me, with the idea of a simple volcano coaster (pictured below).

2016-10-17 (11).png

Eventually, much like a real theme park, I abandoned this idea, and moved on to something new. Rather than just a volcano coaster, I wanted to do something that started underwater, and ended with a race through the mountain (because why not?). This led me to a ride beginning with a quick ride through of the Aquatic Institute, situated on the side of an active volcano…


Riders then enter the ‘dive room’, leading them to behold the wonders and terrors of the coral reef beneath the mountain (because science)

2017-06-13 (6).pngDB49TpYUIAA30dv.jpg2017-06-13 (8).png2017-06-13 (10).png

After the reef, riders find themselves at the base of the active volcano, deep underwater, and after a brief respite on the sea floor, are shot back to the surface.

DB49TpUUAAES1fQ.jpg2017-06-13 (13).png

It is here that they engage on a high speed race through the lava-filled caverns just above the aquatic institute!

2017-06-13 (3).png2017-06-13 (1).png

That’s all I’ve got so far, nearly done. Need to finish off the caverns and the queue. I leave you with an image of the ride in its current state:

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What the Hell is Magikarp Jump? Why Am I Still Doing This???

magikarp-jump-997020-640x320.jpgWhy am I still making this fish jump?

Short answer, I’ve got no idea why I’m still playing Magikarp Jump, but I’m hooked. After my fifth ‘training session’, clicking my screen furiously to get Magikarp to jump more, and then eat more berries, I still wanted to train more, and beat all those other punk-ass fishes at a jumping contest. In a lot of ways, Magikarp Jump adheres to the formula of games like Neko Atsume and Flappy Bird (sorry for putting those in the same category). The game keeps things simple, introduces a collection element through various Magikarp coloration has a bright, friendly, color scheme, doesn’t hide any core gameplay behind a pay wall.

Full Impressions

Also, just beware the random encounters in this game. Things can get real sad real fast… Below is a cautionary tale.


I Miss Arctic Thunder

Recently, I was given a copy of Snow Moto Racing – Freedom to review, and immediately my eyes lit up. It was the first arcade-style snowmobile racer I had seen since Arctic Thunder all those years ago in the arcade. Unfortunately what I found was a mess of a game that felt unpolished. Snow Moto Racing – Freedom needed to pick whether or not it wanted to be a serious game, or an arcade racer, instead of riding an odd line between the two. My full review can be found on Gizorama, and for those who want to see for themselves, the game can be found on Steam!


This screenshot makes the game look gorgeous, but get any closer to those trees, and you’ll see pixels…


Ah, who could forget the bland hills of Scandinavia?