Downpour is Out!

That’s right, The Nick Ventner Adventures are alive and well! Downpour marks the second full-length novel in the series and is out today. Nick’s story picks up shortly after the events of Whiteout as he heads deep into the Amazon Rainforest, searching for the Land of the Dead. Signed copies are available in my shop along with e-books, or you can purchase through Amazon. Now, marvel at our cover art and a quote of endorsement from author, Nick Dorsey!

What in the heck is a Nick Ventner?

Nick Ventner is an adventurer with some… undesirable habits, but he’s damned good at hunting creatures that aren’t supposed to exist. In his first adventure, Whiteout (4.5 stars on Amazon and GoodReads, because we mean business), follows Nick on a hunt for the mysterious yeti through the Himalayas. It’s got mountain climbing (I really liked Into Thin Air), cannibal cults, and a villain worthy of an oil painting in an opulent manor.

Following Whiteout, I felt it was best that Nick Ventner show some growth and own up to his past mistakes (it’s 2020 after all). In Downpour, Nick sets off in search of The Land of the Dead to help an old friend. Along the way, he is confronted by beasts of Central and South American folklore, as well as his inner demons. This really is the Empire Strikes Back of the Nick Ventner Adventures because, like that film, it is also the second in the series!

How do buy such magnificence?

So glad you made it this far in the post, your scrolling finger must be tired! You can purchase signed copies and e-book versions of all my publications right here on my site. They are also available on Amazon and most other places books are sold. Prices are a little higher for physical copies on my website because I hand-package and ship every copy, crafting my hallmark seismograph signature on each novel.

Look, I work hard to craft the spiciest signed books I can

As a reminder, reviews are the #1 way to help out authors you enjoy, so please leave them. Even if it’s just a star rating on Amazon and/or Goodreads, it is crucial to our success. Please leave reviews and share with your friends, I really appreciate it.

Is there more? I was told there would be more.

Well, first off, wow, you made it really far in this post! As a reward to you, here are some voting resources for the November election. Please, for the love of all that is unholy, vote and get that turnip-faced piece of human waste out of office :). If you send me proof of voting and/or volunteering, I might even kick you a few dollars off your purchase.

As another reward, we also have a FREE audio drama out right now on just about every platform you could think of. It’s a prequel to Whiteout and follows the mysterious case of a man hell-bent on maintaining the Bigfoot legend and an intrepid tabloid reporter who sets out to stop him. It currently holds 4.7/5 stars on Apple Podcasts, because again, we mean business.

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