Paranormal Investigation 101 – Interview w/ Donna of Philly Ghost Hunt

This week, I’m talking with Donna of Philly Ghost Hunt, and we’re going through the fundamentals of paranormal investigation. As a skeptic of the field, this was a particularly interesting interview for me and led to some fun conversations. Donna’s main tools for capturing paranormal phenomena are dowsing rods, audio recorders, and of course, good old-fashioned cameras.

Throughout the episode, we review examples of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). Below, I’ve got an example of one such recording. I’ll be honest, I struggled to hear anything, but after a few listens through, I think I can hear the noise Donna is talking about. Give it a few listens through and let us know what you can hear! Find your listening platform here:—Interview-wDonna-of-Philly-Ghost-Hunt-ekid8b

In addition to EVPs, Donna references several photos from her investigation of an old school which I’ve included below. One image in particular, captioned ‘The Face’, was taken at the same time as some of the EVPs Donna recorded. At one point, Donna said that a spirit told her ‘he’s here’, and right at that time, the following image was captured:

Face2 St. Alice.jpg
‘The Face’

It’s spooky to say the least. Other photos below show suspicious orbs showing up from multiple angles. I’m still not all the way convinced that it’s anything more than a lens flare, but I’m curious to hear everyone else’s opinion.

The Orb forming (top right)
The Orb after being fully formed (top right)

Finally, we have some photos from The Mummers Museum. In our interview, Donna talked about mannequin heads turning on their own and even guard rails shaking in front of her whole crew. I’d like to imagine a bunch of thespians hanging around to spook paranormal investigators in their afterlife, maybe it’ll be good fuel for a fiction story!

A mannequin with its head turned the wrong way after Donna came back from a break

If you want more info on Donna, you can check out her website, her Facebook, and her Twitter.

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