Cannibalism, Starvation, and the History of the Wendigo

This week on Cryptids Decrypted, we’re covering the dark history of the wendigo myth. Originally used as a cautionary tale by the native populations in Northern Canada, wendigos were described as pale, emaciated creatures, hungry for human flesh. It was said that humans were possessed by evil spirits in moments of physical weakness and greed. If you want to hear more, check out the full episode, available for free on all streaming platforms (find yours here).

If you’re here looking for short fiction about the wendigo, I’ve got two stories for you! The first, When A Cold Wind Whistles is a spooky campfire tale of hunters in the frigid wilds with a strange guide. The second, is a more upbeat holiday adventure starring Nick Ventner, my favorite drunken monster hunter, as he visits family relatives that may or may not have been possessed by the creatures.

Want to buy podcast merch? We’ve definitely got some weird stuff available on RedBubble:

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