Current/Upcoming Projects – Spring 2020

Hey all, around this time last year I did a post talking about upcoming projects and then never really put out an update. Well, consider this that update! Below are the projects I’m currently working on and a few that are coming out very soon.

A Man of the Mountain

This story has been in the works for almost three years now. I actually wrote the first draft back before Aberrant Literature had even agreed to publish Whiteout. It’s a prequel to Whiteout, and tells the story of Jonas, a man hell bent on maintaining the Bigfoot Legend, and Shirley, the tabloid reporter who sets out to stop him. It’s releasing in three formats, audio drama, paperback, and kindle. The audio drama is out in full on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and just about everywhere else. Check out the first episode below:

The full audio book, paperback and kindle edition are also available for purchase on Amazon!


I am currently knee deep in a round of edits from Jason Peters at Aberrant Literature, but we are getting into the final stages of this book! If you don’t know, Downpour is the sequel to Whiteout and sees Nick pitted against some fresh foes in the South American jungle. I don’t have any word on an official release date, but I can say with confidence that it’s coming out this year. Want a sneak peak? Here’s the prologue!

Cryptids Decrypted

A lot of my time right now is also going to producing a surprisingly popular podcast, Cryptids Decrypted. It’s a show where my friends and I break down myths about creatures on the fringe of reality, and I interview guests from the cryptozoological community. It’s a hell of a lot of fun and we’re about midway through our second season. Below is a link to our latest episode on Spotify.


The first draft of Chadpocalypse is complete! I’m about midway through my first round of edits on it, but it’s on the back burner until I complete Downpour. Chadpocalypse is all about Chad, the one lowly bro who knows the apocalypse is coming and is tasked with stopping it. It’s inspired by 80s metal, Constantine, and a host of other weird shit. If you want to read my chapters in progress, I’ve posted most of them to ABCTales where they’ve received some acclaim. I can’t wait to get this one out to the public, but honestly, no idea how that’s going to look or when it’s going to happen. I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

A Woman of the Swamp

Ok, last project and this one is still in incubation. I’ve written a full outline and it’s an exciting story, but I haven’t even put the first chapter to paper yet. Theoretically this will come out some time after Downpour and will serve as an interlude between it and the final book in the Nick Ventner trilogy, Maelstrom. It centers around an amateur necromancer in the bayou who turns evil after failing to raise her husband from the dead, and of course, the monster hunting crew that’s called to stop her.

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