NanoWriMo – The Basics

What is NanoWriMo?

Logo courtesy of nanowrimo

For those who are unfamiliar, every November thousands of writers get together and encourage each other to the common goal of writing a 50,000 word novel in just thirty days. It is an exercise in embracing the word vomit to be sure, but for me, it has always proved to be the motivator I need to get words onto a page.

What makes 2017 special?


Other than my ten year Nanoversary, this year also marks a special occasion as it coincides with the publication of my first novel, Whiteout. I first wrote this book for NanoWriMo 2014, and have been going through rewrites and edits ever since. Over the past year, Aberrant Literature has been working with me to get Whiteout published in February of next year. We’re also going to be starting a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow, November 1st to help cover some of the publishing costs.

Crowdfunding?? Donate?? $$$??

Now, publishing a book is not without cost! Aberrant Literature has paid quite a bit of money already to get Whiteout looked over by professional editors and started the process on distribution. To aid in their monetary efforts, I will be starting a crowdfunding campaign tomorrow, November 1st. Every penny we receive is going to go straight into helping get Whiteout out there, and we’ve got some awesome backer goals as well.

What am I writing this year?

Last year, I worked on Downpour, the sequel to Whiteout. This year, continuing to ride the wave of inspiration, I’m going to be capping off the Nick Ventner trilogy and writing Maelstrom. Maelstrom sees Nick  in the employ of the CIA hunting sea monsters in the Bermuda Triangle. For those who didn’t get a chance to read Whiteout or Downpour while they were online, I will warn that Maelstrom does contain spoilers. I will be putting all Maelstrom chapters in the NanoWriMo tab of my site with the [SPOILERS] tag. The rest of the site, including the homepage will still be safe to check out spoiler free!

Alright, end rant! I will be posting updates daily about my Nano progress  to the main page, and for those who are interested, Maelstrom chapters will be in the NanoWrimo tab. If you can, please check out the crowdfunding page when it goes live on November 1st (will post several links here, on Facebook, and on Twitter), and share it around to your friends. 



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