What the Hell is Magikarp Jump? Why Am I Still Doing This???

magikarp-jump-997020-640x320.jpgWhy am I still making this fish jump?

Short answer, I’ve got no idea why I’m still playing Magikarp Jump, but I’m hooked. After my fifth ‘training session’, clicking my screen furiously to get Magikarp to jump more, and then eat more berries, I still wanted to train more, and beat all those other punk-ass fishes at a jumping contest. In a lot of ways, Magikarp Jump adheres to the formula of games like Neko Atsume and Flappy Bird (sorry for putting those in the same category). The game keeps things simple, introduces a collection element through various Magikarp coloration has a bright, friendly, color scheme, doesn’t hide any core gameplay behind a pay wall.

Full Impressions

Also, just beware the random encounters in this game. Things can get real sad real fast… Below is a cautionary tale.


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