Whiteout – May Progress

May is about halfway over, and I continue to grow closer and closer to the end of my first full re-write of Whiteout. The end word count has continued to stretch (currently estimated at 85,000), but nonetheless, June is actually starting to seem doable. That’s right, come June, you might actually see some content that isn’t related to a drunken monster hunter and a fictional mountain somewhere in the Himalayas!

So, where do I stand on progress right now? As we all know, the best way to look at data is through histograms, and trendlines (it’s not, but it’s easy, and I’m busy).


Every day this month, except for the pesky 7th, I have made some progress on Whiteout! Some days less than others, but the point is, it’s moving forward (I can’t help that Injustice 2 released yesterday…) The trickiest part this month has been fleshing out a denouement that was previously nonexistent. I wrote the original draft of this novel for NanoWriMo (a competition where you write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days), and by the time I had reached this point in the book, I was almost at my word count. Unfortunately, this led to some poor narrative choices, such as “And then suddenly they were back at the yeti’s cave”, which meant the original narrative had to be fleshed out.

Griping aside, I think the ending is coming along nicely, and I will continue to share updates as I go along. Thanks for reading, if you like my work, subscribe, like, leave a hateful comment, or find another way to feed the social media beast (it hungers).


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