Whiteout Progress

With a job as a data scientist, I’ve come to love collecting data on just about everything, and the rewrite process has been no exception. I began work on the first complete re-write of Whiteout in early January with the goal of being done by June. Even as the total word count estimate has ballooned from about 60,000, to 80,000, it looks like I’m actually still on track!


At this rate, it looks like I’ll be finishing in mid-June (if you put any stock in linear trend-lines), with a book that is about 1.6 times its original size. I’m really psyched to continue sharing the rewrites with you all as I continue the process, and even more excited to get this book published. This has been by far my favorite piece to write, and I look forward to exploring the series more as time goes on.

Thanks for reading,


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